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Happy 2023!

Since I haven't posted anything on my site since last year (lame and cliche, I know!), here is a quick reflection on 2022 and my thoughts moving into 2023.

  • My first nephew, Ezra, was born. Naturally, I love this little guy more than most things in life. His birth, for better or worse, has consciously made me question how I should live my life as a person. When he is older, what kind of man will he see me as? Will I be the goofy uncle? Will I be someone he can look up to? These questions I cannot answer. I must constantly strive to become the best version of myself, not just for my sake but also for the good of people like Ezra.

  • Tying in with the theme of self-improvement, I returned to college to complete my BBA during the summer. If all goes well, I will finish my degree at the end of 2024.

  • I self-published most of my writings on Amazon over the last couple of years. You can purchase a copy here! (Yes, I do make a couple of bucks off each purchase. Consider this your standard marketing disclaimer!)

  • Due to my current heavy load (45 hours of work, college work, and other commitments), I have had less free time lately. Unfortunately, this means I will be posting less on this website this year and the next.

  • Progress toward my novel this year: 60 pages are complete in the manuscript. Most of this progress was made before I started taking summer courses. If I'm being honest, even with the heavier workload I've voluntarily taken, I admit I have slacked a bit on making consistent progress. Despite a solid outline, there are still parts of the story's execution that I'm trying to work out. Despite being a fictional work, this story is a very personal creation of mine and one I hope to share with the world once it's in the best possible state it can be!

  • I started doing a podcast, YouTube videos, and more with some friends. This has been a nice respite from other, more hectic parts of my life and something that has helped me approach peace of mind. You can check out our website here and our YouTube channel here!

  • The keywords I'm focusing on for 2023: are progress, improvement, and clarity.

Here's to (hopefully) a better year than last!

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