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My Web Novel: Introduction, the Cast of Characters, and Table of Contents

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Disclaimer: As of 7-1-22, this web novel is on indefinite hold. I may or may not ever come back to it.

Still, I am keeping this page archived. I am proud of what I've wrote and feel it is enjoyable as-is. My current creative writing focus is on the dark sci-fi novel I mentioned below. More details about it will be coming soon!



First off, thank you very much for checking out my web novel! This novel is a work-in-progress that I will be working on here and there. While my immediate focus is on my day job and providing copy/content writing for clients, I enjoy writing and hope to complete this novel sometime soon.

The novel is primarily about two young, college-aged writers writing short stories with comedic and serious tones for their college creative writing course. In between each of these stories is an interlude that develops the main characters by discussing their stories and the events in their lives.

The general idea of my novel is that it is a novel about the writing process, and the idea is to have a balance between showing and then telling. The stories, written by my two characters, are meant to explore various concepts and themes of writing. Some of these include brainstorming, using literary techniques, such as irony or alliteration, the struggle to develop new ideas, and more.

Ultimately, the purpose of my novel is to be a metanarrative on writing while also being a complete novel in itself. Upon reflection, I realized this may come across to some as a pretentious idea, but I assure you that's not my intention! I simply thought it would be a fun idea to explore and develop!

Naturally, a large chunk of what I have written will be revised or even scrapped, but I feel it is a solid blueprint for what I hope to achieve in the future. Consider this to be a live rough draft of an ongoing story.

Since I'm not contractually obligated to complete this and am doing it for fun, I don't have an immediate release date for the final product. My goal is to finish this novel in a year or two, but this is a very loose deadline.

I conceived the idea for this story and briefly worked on parts of it as early as 2015. So why am I reviving it now? There are a few main reasons:

  1. I feel that with practice and personal development over the past five or so years, I've developed a proper outline with a reasonably engaging narrative. I had a loose idea of the story before, but I've been able to flesh it out as time has passed. I haven't been writing on paper or on a PC, but I have been brainstorming in my head!

  2. The short story narrative within a larger narrative, in my opinion, is more approachable for a first novel. Not only will this allow me to be able to more easily make tweaks to the grand narrative, but it will allow me to upload chunks of the story on my website easily. This will allow me to "provide hotfixes" to any words, lines, or segments that need to be tweaked.

  3. This is probably the biggest reason: I simply want more creative writing practice. I have an idea for a second, more in-depth novel that will, for better or worse, be much more difficult to write. Without giving away too much of the concept, it will be a dark, grounded story with realistic science fiction elements. If I'm being transparent, the novel is a concept that would be very personal to me and an idea I've had in my mind for a while. It will also, undoubtedly, be much less approachable than this novel, both in general and commercially. Starting with something with a more broad appeal is probably the better way to get immediate attention and constructive criticism, no? Regardless, I am writing primarily for myself, so I aim to write content I can be proud of. While I can only hope, I would also love to find an audience who appreciates what I am trying to do here.

For now, though, I just appreciate the fact that you've taken the time to read this introduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time!

The Cast of Characters

Sigmund “Sig” Brant

A 22-year-old male college student. He has been friends with Cecilia Belle for two years since meeting her in a creative writing class.

​Cecilia “Cici” Belle

A 21-year-old female college student. She has been good friends with Sigmund Brant over the last two years since meeting him in a creative writing class. She is the more reserved of the two writers.

Naomi "Nami" Belle

Cecilia's older sister. A model and a hedonist by nature, Naomi is drastically different than her sister. The two sisters frequently butt heads with each other.

[Note: Naomi doesn't appear in any of the material I uploaded.]

The Cast of Characters Created by the Cast of Characters

Samuel S. Seemann

A 56-year-old male novelist who lives alone. He is a popular author among a certain circle of readers. His wife passed away shortly after his 55th birthday. He has five children who do not live with him.

Don Goode

A friend of Seemann for over 10 years. He enjoys drinking coffee and engaging in light conversation. He has a rather upbeat personality.

Table of Contents


Story 1: A Write of Passage

Interlude 1

Coming "Whenever They're In a Readable State":

Story 2

Interlude 2

Story 3

Interlude 3

Story 4

Interlude 4

Story 5

Interlude 5

Story 6

Interlude 6

Story 7

Interlude 7

Story 8

Interlude 8


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