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What I've Been Doing the First 3 Months Of 2022 (Plus My Plans for the Near-future)

It recently occurred to me that I have not posted anything on my site this year. Consider this a quick filler post to move this blog into 2022.

I have been quite busy these last few months. Here are some of the things I have been up to or involved in:

  • I got promoted to the position of a technical trainer at my job toward the end of 2021. In addition to my new responsibilities of assisting new employees to ensure their success while onboarding into our company, I continue working as an IT support technician for hundreds (probably thousands?) of clients.

  • My sister got married; I was the minister and officiated the wedding.

  • My sister also had a baby. I am an uncle now!

  • I've started to take up painting, specifically acrylics, just to start off. I am still a complete newbie, but I have painted 4 pictures.

  • I have been involved in two podcasts with two groups of friends. These are still in production, but hopefully, they can go live soon.

  • My current obsession (as of this post) is the video game Elden Ring. It's gotten so bad that sometimes I wish I did not have to have any responsibilities and could just sit around all day and play it...

Since this blog is primarily focused on my commercial and creative writings, let me touch base on what I have been up to regarding writing this year.

I have continued freelance copywriting on I have been stretched for free time lately between this and my day job (plus much of what I have mentioned).

As for my creative pursuits, I have begun work on the second chapter of my web novel. I have decided that this will be the last chapter I upload for free and on my website until the rest of the story is done. As for when this novel will be done, I do not have a specific timeline I am aiming for, and my goal is "within a year or two."

As I mentioned before, I am mainly treating this as a fun side-project to work on getting experience crafting an entire novel. I intend to investigate self-publishing for this first novel to improve my public credibility and authority as a creative writer. As my goal with this novel is to get experience for my next book (i.e., the one I really want to write), I am not concerned about this novel obtaining mainstream commercial success. I simply wish to continue improving my writing.

Regarding the rest of the year, I will likely continue working on the above projects. I will try to upload a long-form, evergreen article or two this year, though I am unsure when/if this will happen. If something that interests me comes to mind, I may take some time out of my schedule to write up something. For better or worse, I am focused on what I have mentioned prior.

I'm a bit late in saying this, but here's to a great rest of 2022!

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of aviation,

there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible.

Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.

Ooh, black and yellow!
Let's shake it up a little.

Barry! Breakfast is ready!


Hang on a second.


- Barry?
- Adam?

- Oan you believe this is happening?
- I can't. I'll pick you up.

Looking sharp.

Use the stairs. Your father
paid good money for those.

Sorry. I'm excited.

Here's the graduate.
We're very proud of you, son.

A perfect report card, all B's.

Very proud.
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